Summer K-12 Teacher Workshop: Europe and the Mediterranean

Workshop Resources and Links

General Resources

Workshop Resources and Links

General Resources

THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN PARTNERSHIP - The European Commission's resources on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, formerly known as the Barcelona Process. Includes news, videos, and links.

ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION EUROMED - A civil society organization shared by the 43 countries of the Union of the Mediterranean. Includes information on ongoing projects, publications, and a media centre.

EURO MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSITY (EMUNI) - The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI University) based in Slovenia is one of the six priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean. It was established as an international network of universities (141 members from 37 countries in 2010). Resources include the International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies.

EUROPE FOR MEDITERRANEAN JOURNALISTS - Web project which provides journalists from the Southern Mediterranean countries with extensive information and contacts on all aspects of European Union–Mediterranean relations and cooperation.

CLASSICAL MEDITERRANEAN AND EUROPE - Website detailing Mediterranean and European history.

ON AN ANCIENT SEA, EUROPE DREAMS AND SCHEME - New York Times article (August 5, 2007) by Ian Fisher on the Mediterranean Union.

MEDITERRANEAN UNION IS LAUNCHED - BBC News article (July 13, 2008) on the launch of the Mediterranean Union.

ARAB-ISRAELI ROW THWARTS MED WATER DEAL IN BARCELONA - BBC News article (April 14, 2010) regarding a dispute over how to describe Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

EUROPEAN STABILITY INITIATIVE - Reports, news and updates on South Eastern Europe and EU enlargement policy.

RETURN TO EUROPE - DOCUMENTARY PROJECT - A European Stability Initiative documentary project detailing Europe's fascination with the Balkans.

HAS ISRAEL LOST LONE REGIONAL MUSLIM ALLY TURKEY? - BBC News article (June 1, 2010) by Jonathan Head on recent changes in the Israel-Turkey relationship.

UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME - REGIONAL SEAS - A regional profile outlining current enviornmental issues facing the Mediterranean.

UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME - MEDITERRANEAN REGION PROFILE - A full profile covering all aspects of the Mediterranean region. 

BERLINERS DREAM OF RETURN TO DEUTSCHMARK - Guardian News article (May 23, 2010) by Kate Connolly on declining German enthusiasm for the Euro in light of the Greek bailout.

EUROPEAN LAW MONITOR - Latest EU News: The Union for the Mediterranean Summit postponed to ensure its "complete success".

EUROPE- INSIDE ISLAM: DIALOGUES AND DEBATES - Part of a collaboration of UW-Madison's National Resource Centers and WPR's Here on Earth: Radio without Borders. 

KEY FACTS: AFRICA TO EUROPE MIGRATION - A BBC page detailing many important aspects surrounding migration from Africa to Europe. 


UNHCR: THE UN REFUGEE AGENCY - United Nations Human Rights Campaign Regional Operations profile on Europe 2010.

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM) - Facts and figures on regions and countries throughout Europe.

JENNIFER LOPEZ CANCELS NORTHERN CYPRUS GIG - A Guardian News article (July 9, 2010) on the singer's decision to cancel a performance after Greeks accused her of backing the Turkish - occupied north.  

THE EUROPEAN RIGHT IS CAPITALISING ON A CRISIS - A Guardian News article by Mark Weisbrot (July 9, 2010) about European authorities using the economy  to justify rightwing policy changes.

BREAK-UP OF EUROZONE WOULD SPEED UP RECOVERY, THINKTANK SAYS - Guardian News article by Larry Elliott (July 22, 2010) on a report by Capital Economics stating that a return to national currencies would boost the competitiveness of the weakest eurozone states.

THE EU'S EXPULSION MACHINE - Le Monde diplomatique map created by Olivier Clochard and Philippe Rekacewicz (June 2010).


STRIKE-HIT GREECE VOWS HELP FOR TOURISTS - Guardian News article (July 8 2010) by Helena Smith about Greece's attempts to compensate tourists for strike disruptions.

- Guardian News article (June 24, 2010) by Elena Moya regarding Greece's recent decision to sell an area of state-owned land on Mykonos.

MACEDONIA AND GREECE LIVE UP TO BALKAN STEREOTYPE - Guardian News article (June 25, 2010) by Ivo Petkovski about Greek opposition to Macedonian EU accession talks.

GREEKS STRIKE BEFORE PENSION VOTE - A BBC News article (July 8, 2010) detailing the sixth general strike in Greece this year.

ANGRY GREEKS 'CARRYING THE CAN' FOR POLITICIANS - BBC News article (May 5, 2010) by Kate Forbes on continued Greek anger and protests against the government.  


ITALY'S MIGRANTS SLOWLY INTEGRATING - BBC News article (Feb 6, 2009) detailing a new wave of integration among immigrants in the Northern city Treviso.

SECOND GENERATIONS IN ITALY: CULTURE, IDENTITY, AND THE CHALLENGE OF CITIZENSHIP - An article by Clarissa Clo (April 27, 2010) as part of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.

EL-GHIBLI - An online journal of migrant writing in Italy.  Many of the short stories and poems have been translated. 


AFRICAN MIGRANT WORKERS FIND SLIM PICKINGS IN SOUTHERN SPAIN - Guardian News article (June 22, 2010) by Jean-Jacques Bozonnet about Spain's unemployment and poor weather affecting job opportunities for seasonal workers. 

SPAIN'S STRUGGLE FOR LABOUR REFORM - A BBC News article (June 22, 2010) by Sarah Rainsford about the high rate of unemployment and the Spanish Economy.

CATALAN PARLIAMENT APPROVES LAW FOR LANGUAGE QUOTAS IN FILM - Deutsche Welle article (July 1 2010) on the latest way in which the Catalonian Government is challenging the national government of Spain.

THE GAP BETWEEN SPAIN AND GERMANY - A BBC blog by Gavin Hewitt (July 9, 2010) comparing Spanish and German economies today.  

SPAIN: RELIGION, COSTUMES AND CONQUESTS - ALL A TOWN NEEDS TO PARTY - A Guardian News article by Andromeda Agnew (July 6, 2010) on the annual Moors and Christian festival in Moraira.

SPAIN SEES SIXFOLD INCREASE IN IMMIGRANTS OVER DECADE - A Guardian News article by Tom Worden (February 8, 2010) on the growth of non-Spanish residents reaching 12 percent. 

SPAIN, LIKE U.S., GRAPPLES WITH IMMIGRATION - A New York Times article by Jason DeParle (June 10, 2008) detailing the similar situations facing both the United States and Spain.  

CITIES OF LIGHT: THE RISE & FALL OF ISLAMIC SPAIN - A PBS Documentary on Moorish Spain (this documentary is also available on Youtube in 12 parts).  

MELILLA: EUROPE'S DIRTY SECRET - Guardian News article (April 17, 2010) by Nick Davies on African migrants entering the Spanish enclave Melilla. 

SPAIN FEELS PAIN AS RECESSION BITES -BBC News article (May 4, 2010) by Bethany Bell on the fear that countries such as Spain and Portugal may be dragged into financial turmoil.

CATALAN PROTESTERS RALLY FOR GREATER AUTONOMY IN SPAIN - BBC News article (July 10, 2010) on the march in Barcelona calling for autonomy in the Catalan region.

WORLD CUP 2010: SPAIN UNITES IN VICTORY WITH CELEBRATION IN THE STREETS - Guardian News article by Stephen Burgen (July 12, 2010)  on the aftermath of Spain's World Cup victory.

VIEWPOINT: DOES FOOTBALL UNITE SPAIN? - A BBC News article (July 13, 2010) addressing the question of whether the World Cup victory in Spain can unite a divided country. 



Past Teacher Workshops
"New and Emerging Migrations" (2008)
"Looking Forward, Looking Back: Causes and Consequences of the Fall of the Berlin Wall" (2009)